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Student Life

Student Life

7th and 8th grade students travel to Smith Island in November 2015
Jack’s Corner: A Student’s Perspective on the Smith Island Field Trip

By Jack Magennis (11th grade)

 The 7th and 8th grade recently went on a field trip to Smith Island to study bay health with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  I  had the opportunity to interview  8th grader Thomas Leaberry.  When asked how the trip was. He responded, “It was very nice.” I further asked him what activities there were on the island. He told me, “We goofed off all the time.”  Joking aside, Thomas had an opportunity to visit a local waterman in his house and interview him about what life was like on this remote island .

There was apparently good food on the island as well. When I asked Thomas what they had to eat, he said, “We had pizza, Sloppy Joe’s, and banana bread. And we think there was a banana thief among us.”  When asked overall if he enjoyed the trip he said, “Yes, most of us survived.”


Awards & Recognition

This past month, CCS has been busy recognizing  students and adults.

We had a special veteran’s day celebration  directed  by retired  Colonel and history teacher Mr. John Taylor.  The 11th and 12th grade students coordinated and ran the morning events.  Many veterans came to receive the honoree certificate for service .  It was the highest attendance   of Veterans in CCS Veteran’s Day celebrations.  

Student Hannah Leaberry
Hannah Leaberry giving her speech at Easton High School for the VFW ”Voice of Democracy” contest. Hannah placed first at the post level.

CCS Videos

Want to see videos of some of the recent events that have taken place at CCS? Follow this link!

The CCS Spotlight

Our 1st Annual Sports Auction and Memorabilia Show

What a great event hosted by the Hock family.  All sorts of sports memorabilia, vendors selling collectors items, and a special visit from our local baseball star Mr. Harold Baines.

Autographs were signed  by him and two other visiting baseball players.  There was good eating as well with Maryland crab soup made special by the Sydnor family.  We give special thanks to our student helpers, all who attended this function, and parent / staff volunteers: Mr. and Mrs. Towers, Mr. Skirka, Coach Hayman, Mr. Lyons and the entire Hock Family.  All money raised will support the athletic department and CCS.

CCS Arts & Music

Elementary Christmas Concert 2015

Art Teacher, Mrs. Skirka

CCS Middle School News

2015 Ford's Theatre Field Trip

The 7th-12th grade enjoyed getting dressed up and seeing  A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre on December 2, 2015.

Mrs. Marsh's Science Class' Oyster Farm
8th  graders Emma Jones, Mackenzie Greenhawk, Maya Skirka , and Matt Irons cleaning their oysters at Easton’s Port street Marina.

CCS Elementary School News

Miss Hickman's Career Day