Every gift is needed and appreciated.

Chesapeake Christian is proud of its mission to prepare students with the character and skills needed to be productive members of today's society. Therefore, it's difficult to overemphasize the impact and importance of this educational opportunity. While this can be said of most private school experiences, there's something truly inspiring about our school. A school that is made of more than just bricks and mortar, simply taking a tour, one can sense the commitment, respect, expertise, and dedication of the community.

As a non-profit independent school, the whole school community - parents, students, faculty and staff, grandparents, alumni and friends - is an essential part of the continuing efforts to support the excellence of the school's programs. We ask that every family contribute, to the best of each person's talents and resources, all that it can. Your gift, your participation makes all the difference.

Whatever your affiliation with Chesapeake Christian (alumni, parent, past parent, grandparent, friend), we hope that you will please consider making a gift to the school.

There are so many ways to give...

Parent Teacher Group Fundraising Activities

Fundraising is one way in which Chesapeake Christian School bridges the gap between tuition revenue and operating/capital expenses.

The cost of the education students receive at Chesapeake Christian School is not fully covered by tuition. Our Board of Directors is committed to charging a modest tuition and ours is indeed modest compared to other Christian and private schools in Maryland. As a result, the school must rely on parental participation in fundraising activities.

Recently, the PTG just completed a very successful spirit night fundraiser (a portion of the total sales were donated to CCS!). We also have a number of spirit nights and our Annual Silent Auction & Dinner Gala.

Gifts of Financial Support

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating each student. To fill that gap, CCS families are asked to support the school beyond paying tuition by contributing to the school's fundraising efforts. Each year community members are asked to contribute to the Annual Fund and to support the fundraising activities of the Parent Teacher Group. Additionally, all community members are asked to make financial contributions to special fundraising campaigns as they occur.

Outright Gifts

Cash (cash, check, credit card, paid in full or in installments)

Appreciated Securities

If you hold securities that have appreciated significantly and would create unwelcome tax consequences if sold (i.e., capital gains taxes), they represent a wonderful gift opportunity.

Real Estate

Real estate that may have appreciated over the years and is readily marketable may offer the donor a way to make a gift of greater value than is possible in cash or securities and, at the same time, avoid capital gains tax on the increased value of the property.

Planned Gifts | Life Insurance

There are two ways to use life insurance to benefit Chesapeake Christian School. You could purchase a policy and make CCS the beneficiary, or assign a policy already in effect to CCS as both owner and beneficiary. We recommend that you check with your tax advisor for details regarding this method of donating to the campaign.


A bequest is a transfer, by will, of property such as cash, securities (stocks), or tangible property to an individual or a charitable organization. We recommend that you check with your tax advisor for details regarding this method of donating to the campaign.

Life Income Gifts

Tax laws permit donors to place assets into a variety of trusts vehicles that benefit both the donor, the donor’s family or heirs, and Chesapeake Christian School. The three most popular approaches used at schools and colleges are:

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable Gift Annuity

Any families or businesses that may wish to donate to the school, please contact the school office for more information about donating and tax-deduction status. The office can be reached at 410-822-7600, or