Chesapeake Christian School believes that within every student there is a God-given plan and a person of promise. Because of this, it is our intent to help each student develop to their fullest potential by offering a quality education with Christ at its center.

Our school utilizes faith based educational tools from A Beka Book and Bob Jones University. It is our goal, as is our teaching resource, to lead students to Christ, teach them Biblical truths, Christian character, and traditional subject matter.

Our curriculum includes year round instructions of classic and contemporary literature, grammar, penmanship, phonics for the younger grades, mathematics, science, art, music, physical education, bible studies, spanish, social studies and community service. Our full-year curriculum schedule provides our children with routine and regular expectations of consistent performance.

It is also our belief that students learn best in small classroom ratios, utilizing teaching methods which ensure a consistent level of comprehension, competency for each individual student. We have also found that at times some students may need reinforcement or advancement in a particular subject and we will place them accordingly.

Because Chesapeake Christian School is a K4-12th grade school, it creates a sense of family, community, and siblings who would not normally otherwise be able to attend school together. We have found when families are together, older children accept and demonstrate a level of school leadership and are role models for our younger children.

What makes us different at Chesapeake Christian School is the fact that all of our teachers and staff are Christians and want to be here. We love our children and desire the best for them. It is our greatest desire that each and every person that comes through our doors has the opportunity to see Jesus.

In addition to traditional subjects, Chesapeake Christian School also offers electives and other classes to students.

These are the current electives we offer for our 2022 - 2023 school year:

K4 - 12th: Physical Education






Private Music Lessons

7th - 12th: Drama





Tech Ed


Logic and Statistics

Living Off The Delmarva

Creative Writing